Becoming Legendary, Just Like Everyone Else

Ranged Caster DPS for the win!

Ranged Caster DPS for the win!

Now it has been way too long since I have written. Working in a prison has proven to be extremely stressful and did not do much to stave off my clinical depression. I have recently found a new job working from home, so I am in brighter spirits of late and trying to get back into the things I used to enjoy. 

I finished the quest chain for the legendary cloak a few months back, and to be honest, it wasn’t quite as fulfilling as I expected, though I did feel pretty darn good about myself! I guess part it is we all want to feel a little bit special, and the large number of people who have also accomplished this can reduce that feeling somewhat. I really feel like Blizzard made the right decision with this chain, though. It gave us all something to work towards throughout the expansion and it went right along with the storyline of the expansion itself, too. It also gave the opportunity for people who like myself no longer have the time to engage in heroic raiding or play more casually to earn something special. Remove the obligatory PVP bg requirements (I actually enjoyed those, but I felt sorry for the real PVPers who had to put up with me!), and I think they have done much to enhance the user experience. I love my cloak! It may not be an Atiesh, or Dragonwrath (I was so close on my warlock, so don’t ask for the story, I’m a little bitter towards SWToR about this), but it’s awesome, and it’s mine! And man, we all deserve to feel special sometimes. 🙂



Well, it has been a little while since I made a real post here. I am finally beginning to settle in at my new job at a mens’ medium security prison. It’s been an educational experience, to be sure!

I’ve still been raiding with my wonderful druid, though! My guild has cleared Terrace at last and we more or less have it farmable. We’ve just gotten up to Shek’zeer in Heart of Fear. We’ve also had the first boss in Throne of Thunder down for a while, but my GM wants to finish the older content before we start working on the likes of Horridon and the rest of them. I’m in it for the thrill of the fight, so it works just fine for me. Smile

Meanwhile, I’ve also been trying to convince Vol’jin not to hate me quite so much, but he probably doesn’t like it when I wear that “Hordebreaker” title around him. 😥

Still Alive

I started a new job last week ( in a medium security prison), so my worgkin is not getting much love. 😦 I’m not sure she’d quite understand the point of a prison, anyway. She’d probably just as soon kill them all.

I’m hoping it won’t take too long to settle into my schedule, so I’ll have more farming time (odd that I actually miss that. )

Balance in 5.3 proves to be…so so.

(via Wowpedia)
I’ve never been much for number crunching,  but I do like to keep tabs on the state of balance, and we have had a couple of changes come with 5.3. I was hoping to see something done with Wild Mushrooms,  which I’ve found clunky and uncomfortable to use.  No changes there that I’ve come across with 5.3, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed for 5.4.

They have done some things with our Force of Nature talent, which looks to actually be viable now (particularly in single target situations). Definitely looking forward to testing it out here now that my little one is napping.

There’s also a new glyph for us, Glyph of Omens (replacing Glyph of Solar Beam if memory serves). While interesting, it doesn’t look like much of a game changer, so I probably won’t put it to use much.

My guild on Perenolde, Midnight Smacks, has finally made our way into Throne of Thunder and downed Jin’rokh pretty handily. I guess it is appropriate for the first boss in such a large instance to be a pretty simple one. We’re 4/6 in Heart of Fear, and we may be giving Terrace a whirl in the next week as we help some of our members catch up on gear.