The King’s Command



Hello! My name is Saerise, and welcome to my World of Warcraft blog! I have been playing WoW for about 3.5 years now, most of that time as a Horde Warlock. This past January, I rolled on a new server as Alliance. It’s been quite a change. And while I still play my Horde characters, I have grown very fond of my worgen (WEREWOLVES FTW (not the Twilight kind, though)).


Well on Tuesday of this week, the highly anticipated expansion to World of Warcraft was officially released! I pre-ordered a couple of weeks ago, getting the Digital Deluxe edition as I am and always have been a companion pet addict.


I wasn’t able to get much done on Tuesday, with a doctor’s appointment and a 16 month old baby boy getting into trouble as well. So Wednesday was the big day for my little druid. All my other toons are on a pvp server, and I wasn’t in the mood to deal with the blood bath, so my worgen got priority over my other main, my Blood Elf Warlock.


Logging in on both sides, you get offered a quest automatically which points you towards either Varian Wrynn for Alliance or the perpetually obnoxious (and expansion end game raid boss) Garrosh Hellscream.


Since I like Varian significantly more than Garrosh, I quickly reported in. Apparently it was someone’s bright idea to send Prince Anduin into Horde infested waters, and he’d gone missing. Typical. And so of course, the lazy NPCs always want YOU to help. But since Varian is kinda cute, I was up for it.


I progressed quickly through the Jade Forest on Wednesday and finished it up on Thursday, slowed by a teething toddler and subsequent sleepless nights. I also completed the majority of the Valley of the Four Winds content, which is intertwined with the Krasarang Wilds storyline (which I haven’t done yet). I’ve opened up the chain to Kun-Lai Summit, and have gotten on neutral terms with Wrathion, the enigmatic prince of the Black Dragonflight.



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