The Double Agent

Well, I have had my hands full, but I’ve gotten my warlock, Lise, and Saerise, my druid both up to 90. I’ve not had a chance to do much normal mode raiding. A little with my warlock, but there was some drama going on with my guild, and I ended up faction and server transferring her to the same realm that I have my worgen druid on. I’m glad I managed to get my Double Agent achievement before hand. It still counts, right? 😀 I’ve been having some fun with transmogging the two of them, and coming up with outfits that really work for them.

My guild has been attempting to start up a raiding group again, but of course, there have been a lot of hiccups. A lot of the old members have quit playing the game, and it’s also been a struggle to find a time that works for everyone. Hopefully things will pull together soon. I really enjoy running with these people, and it feels a lot more tight-knit than a lot of my previous experiences have been.


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