The Call of Thunder!

Well, the 5.2 patch for Warcraft has been released for a few weeks now, and my new realm, Perenolde, has unlocked most of the stages on the Isle of Thunder. We’re currently working on the last stage, number 5. It’s been an interesting patch so far, and I’ve enjoyed most of it. With the exception of the massive amount of dailies, of course. Don’t get me wrong, dailies aren’t necessarily a bad thing in themselves. But the extent that the Warcraft team has taken it to is a bit much. I did them all on the Isle for the first week or two and quickly lost interest in them. Now I currently do one, if that, to try and help with the progression of unlocking the Isle.


Balance druids actually received a slight buff this patch, which I am very thankful to see! One of our talents, however, was nerfed. With Nature’s Vigil I was able to pop out a few heals when I hit my cd button, which was nice. But it’s no longer worth using, so I’ve switched to Heart of the Wild. That’s still only situationally useful. Many of our talents in general need some reworking. I don’t have the head for numbers to offer specific suggestions, but the way my druid is feeling, it just comes out as clunky.


I’m not surprised to see fewer and fewer druids. It’s kind of like we’re the new warlocks from Wrath and Cata.


I guess I just have to be the one playing what no one else wants to play.



2 thoughts on “The Call of Thunder!

  1. I love being the lone wolf that is playing the odd character, I have a level 55 druid that I play here and there just because it’s not the easiest to play. In Diablo 2 I had a necro that I played mostly as melee with little use of spells.
    I’m a little weird I guess.

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