Balance in 5.3 proves to be…so so.

(via Wowpedia)
I’ve never been much for number crunching,  but I do like to keep tabs on the state of balance, and we have had a couple of changes come with 5.3. I was hoping to see something done with Wild Mushrooms,  which I’ve found clunky and uncomfortable to use.  No changes there that I’ve come across with 5.3, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed for 5.4.

They have done some things with our Force of Nature talent, which looks to actually be viable now (particularly in single target situations). Definitely looking forward to testing it out here now that my little one is napping.

There’s also a new glyph for us, Glyph of Omens (replacing Glyph of Solar Beam if memory serves). While interesting, it doesn’t look like much of a game changer, so I probably won’t put it to use much.

My guild on Perenolde, Midnight Smacks, has finally made our way into Throne of Thunder and downed Jin’rokh pretty handily. I guess it is appropriate for the first boss in such a large instance to be a pretty simple one. We’re 4/6 in Heart of Fear, and we may be giving Terrace a whirl in the next week as we help some of our members catch up on gear.


3 thoughts on “Balance in 5.3 proves to be…so so.

  1. My guild struggled through Heart of Fear likewise. But we downed the first 3 bosses of Terrace all in the same night after a few pulls. Literally if we messed up on a pull in Terrace our members usually fixed mistakes & we downed the boss within 30 min to an hour after the first pull on the boss.

    Sha of Anger get the addon Dread Spray VR (or a very similar name) there’s also (I think) ShaAssist. Very handy for surviving the platforms.

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