Becoming Legendary, Just Like Everyone Else

Ranged Caster DPS for the win!

Ranged Caster DPS for the win!

Now it has been way too long since I have written. Working in a prison has proven to be extremely stressful and did not do much to stave off my clinical depression. I have recently found a new job working from home, so I am in brighter spirits of late and trying to get back into the things I used to enjoy. 

I finished the quest chain for the legendary cloak a few months back, and to be honest, it wasn’t quite as fulfilling as I expected, though I did feel pretty darn good about myself! I guess part it is we all want to feel a little bit special, and the large number of people who have also accomplished this can reduce that feeling somewhat. I really feel like Blizzard made the right decision with this chain, though. It gave us all something to work towards throughout the expansion and it went right along with the storyline of the expansion itself, too. It also gave the opportunity for people who like myself no longer have the time to engage in heroic raiding or play more casually to earn something special. Remove the obligatory PVP bg requirements (I actually enjoyed those, but I felt sorry for the real PVPers who had to put up with me!), and I think they have done much to enhance the user experience. I love my cloak! It may not be an Atiesh, or Dragonwrath (I was so close on my warlock, so don’t ask for the story, I’m a little bitter towards SWToR about this), but it’s awesome, and it’s mine! And man, we all deserve to feel special sometimes. 🙂


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