Worgen, Free to Good Home

Well I have recently decided to find a new guild for my druid after some guild drama going on in the one I have called home for more than a year. The guild culture has shifted, and it was definitely time for me to change things up.

It took me a little while to find one with the right schedule (2 times a week after my precocious 2 year old son goes to bed). I came across one advertised on GuildOx that I had seen around some whose times seemed to be just right. Trialed with them this weekend and I really had a good time, and seemed to click well with them. In the end, though, I think they just wanted to bring in a token Worgen. Either way I am really enjoying the new people I’ve met.


The Call of Thunder!

Well, the 5.2 patch for Warcraft has been released for a few weeks now, and my new realm, Perenolde, has unlocked most of the stages on the Isle of Thunder. We’re currently working on the last stage, number 5. It’s been an interesting patch so far, and I’ve enjoyed most of it. With the exception of the massive amount of dailies, of course. Don’t get me wrong, dailies aren’t necessarily a bad thing in themselves. But the extent that the Warcraft team has taken it to is a bit much. I did them all on the Isle for the first week or two and quickly lost interest in them. Now I currently do one, if that, to try and help with the progression of unlocking the Isle.


Balance druids actually received a slight buff this patch, which I am very thankful to see! One of our talents, however, was nerfed. With Nature’s Vigil I was able to pop out a few heals when I hit my cd button, which was nice. But it’s no longer worth using, so I’ve switched to Heart of the Wild. That’s still only situationally useful. Many of our talents in general need some reworking. I don’t have the head for numbers to offer specific suggestions, but the way my druid is feeling, it just comes out as clunky.


I’m not surprised to see fewer and fewer druids. It’s kind of like we’re the new warlocks from Wrath and Cata.


I guess I just have to be the one playing what no one else wants to play.


Guardian of Cenarius

I’ve started working on grinding rep for Cenarion Expedition. Not quite sure why, but I suddenly got motivated to work on the Cenarion meta for both factions. If only I could get that motivated to work on my house!

My lock has been seriously neglected between holiday achievements, gearing,  and looking after a toddler in the real world.

Last night my guild finally downed Stone Guard and we nearly got Feng as well. Better late than never, right? It should be a good motivation for us when the next patch drops.

The Double Agent

Well, I have had my hands full, but I’ve gotten my warlock, Lise, and Saerise, my druid both up to 90. I’ve not had a chance to do much normal mode raiding. A little with my warlock, but there was some drama going on with my guild, and I ended up faction and server transferring her to the same realm that I have my worgen druid on. I’m glad I managed to get my Double Agent achievement before hand. It still counts, right? 😀 I’ve been having some fun with transmogging the two of them, and coming up with outfits that really work for them.

My guild has been attempting to start up a raiding group again, but of course, there have been a lot of hiccups. A lot of the old members have quit playing the game, and it’s also been a struggle to find a time that works for everyone. Hopefully things will pull together soon. I really enjoy running with these people, and it feels a lot more tight-knit than a lot of my previous experiences have been.

The King’s Command



Hello! My name is Saerise, and welcome to my World of Warcraft blog! I have been playing WoW for about 3.5 years now, most of that time as a Horde Warlock. This past January, I rolled on a new server as Alliance. It’s been quite a change. And while I still play my Horde characters, I have grown very fond of my worgen (WEREWOLVES FTW (not the Twilight kind, though)).


Well on Tuesday of this week, the highly anticipated expansion to World of Warcraft was officially released! I pre-ordered a couple of weeks ago, getting the Digital Deluxe edition as I am and always have been a companion pet addict.


I wasn’t able to get much done on Tuesday, with a doctor’s appointment and a 16 month old baby boy getting into trouble as well. So Wednesday was the big day for my little druid. All my other toons are on a pvp server, and I wasn’t in the mood to deal with the blood bath, so my worgen got priority over my other main, my Blood Elf Warlock.


Logging in on both sides, you get offered a quest automatically which points you towards either Varian Wrynn for Alliance or the perpetually obnoxious (and expansion end game raid boss) Garrosh Hellscream.


Since I like Varian significantly more than Garrosh, I quickly reported in. Apparently it was someone’s bright idea to send Prince Anduin into Horde infested waters, and he’d gone missing. Typical. And so of course, the lazy NPCs always want YOU to help. But since Varian is kinda cute, I was up for it.


I progressed quickly through the Jade Forest on Wednesday and finished it up on Thursday, slowed by a teething toddler and subsequent sleepless nights. I also completed the majority of the Valley of the Four Winds content, which is intertwined with the Krasarang Wilds storyline (which I haven’t done yet). I’ve opened up the chain to Kun-Lai Summit, and have gotten on neutral terms with Wrathion, the enigmatic prince of the Black Dragonflight.